The Unexpected Hotel Snack: Corn by the Pool

The Unexpected Hotel. You know how sometimes hotels nail the tiny stuff that makes them stand out? Well, for me, it’s never been about fancy wallpaper or quirky pillow designs. But this one time, at the Intercontinental Da Nang in Vietnam, I stumbled upon a game-changer.

The Hidden Gems of Da Nang

This place was a treasure trove of surprises. Think carpets with monkeys, bay-facing verandas surrounded by gorgeous greenery, and even the staff’s slick black-and-white uniforms matching the vibe. But the real star? It’s by the pool.

The Corn Surprise

At noon and 2 p.m. sharp, this guy does rounds at the pool, offering guests corn on the cob. No, it’s not jazzed up with caviar or drenched in butter. Just plain, two-inch, warm, steamed corn. And let me tell you, every single kernel was a tiny burst of heaven.

Now, corn might not seem all that out-of-the-box. But at a hotel? By the pool? That’s a whole new level. Turns out, it’s a Vietnamese thing, a street snack even, known as “elote” in Mexico. And here, it’s the poolside star.

The Vietnamese Corn Connection

I dug deeper into this corn love affair. It’s big in Vietnam, like really big. When I ventured into Hoi An, a historical city nearby, the streets were alive with lanterns and the irresistible aroma of street food. Lo and behold, corn was there too!

Street vendors offered two kinds: grilled and steamed, both topped with a drool-worthy scallion oil that, for me (a lactose-intolerant soul), beat butter hands down.

But here’s the kicker: what makes this corn special isn’t the corn itself. Nope. It’s the secret ingredient it’s steamed in—coconut water. That infusion gives it this rich, buttery, slightly sweet flavor that’s just next-level.

The Poolside Corn Ritual

Back at the hotel, I became a regular at the poolside, waiting eagerly for that steamed corn to appear. Does corn-on-the-cob scream relaxation to me? Nah, not really—I was practically chewing my nails in anticipation. But one thing’s for sure: it’s now my go-to poolside snack, no contest.

Final Thoughts

Corn, who knew? It’s the unsung hero of hotel snacking, especially by a pool. Vietnam’s love for this golden snack—steamed in coconut water, mind you—has me hooked. And honestly, if you ask me for a snack recommendation by the pool, you’ll only hear one word: corn.

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