Estes the Moon Elf: Getting good on him

Estes the Moon Elf: Getting good on him

Text of Estes the Moon Elf in the Passive, with his passive power, Estes slowly builds up energy. When the energy reaches 100 stacks, his next basic move gets stronger and deals magic damage while slowing enemies nearby. You can use this skill to really bother enemies in the lane, which will help your friends farm minions faster. Remember that this passive heals faster when linked to a partner using Moonlight Immersion.

Estes the Moon Elf: First Skill: Getting Lost in the Moonlight

Estes can heal a person he chooses and become connected to them for a short time with Moonlight Immersion. This skill heals Estes and boosts her magic and physical attack power. It scales based on how many heroes are linked and their traits. It also speeds up the charging rate of Scripture of the Moon Elf and makes him move faster. The link will break if Estes goes too far away from the linked ally, though. Use this skill to keep your team healthy during fight and to make sure you can farm quickly in the lanes. To aim this skill more exactly, turn on the Skill Smart Targeting feature in the control settings.

Estes the Moon Elf: Area of Moon Goddess Power is the second skill.

With Domain of Moon Goddess, Estes can drop a wave of moonlight on a certain area, hurting enemies inside it with magic. It also changes into the Moon Goddess’s domain, showing enemies inside and making people who touch its edge move much more slowly. This skill can be used in a lot of different ways. It can be used offensively to bother enemies or defensively to look out for risks. Use it carefully to take control of the battlefield and stop your enemies from getting away or attacking.

Best – Moon Goddess’s Blessing

Estes’s ultimate ability, Blessing of Moon Goddess, gives all close allies a stronger version of Moonlight Immersion. For as long as it lasts, Estes keeps healing his friends. When this ultimate is activated, it replaces the current Moonlight Immersion with the improved version. Utilise this skill to help your team get a lot of healing during important fight moments. With the right cooldown decrease, you can use the enhanced Moonlight Immersion more than once during the duration of the ultimate.

How to Do Well with Estes

  • Watch Passive Stacks: To do the most damage, keep an eye on your passive metre.
  • Stick Together: Stay close to your linked friend to make sure that healing and buffs work.
  • Use your skills strategically: use Domain of the Moon Goddess to keep an eye on the enemy and control the fight.
  • Time for your ultimate: Plan with your team and use Blessing of the Moon Goddess at the right times to turn the tide of fights in your favour.

In VTBET Mobile Legends, you’ll become an important member of your team. If, you learn Estes’ skills and use good plans. Get ready, and let the healing begin!