As part of the Originals music series at Chicago Restaurant, Pinnacle and special guests Valdez will play a concert that is hosted by the Fyre and Ice radio show.Pinnacle will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of its second album "Meld" by playing some music from that album along with new music slated for the upcoming fourth album.


As both of our regular fans know, Matt Francisco was not in the band in the Meld era so all of the tunes played from Meld will be retooled for the current quartet configuration.


Special guests Valdez from Philadelphia will also play a set.

Valdez includes Simon Godfrey (guitars/vocals), Tom Hyatt (bass/vocals), Joe Cardillo (keys/vocals), and Scott Miller (drums).


Valdez https://facebook.com/groups/516768641807305


Pinnacle http://pinnacleband.com/


Chicago Sports Bar and Grill http://chicagorestaurantlv.com/


Fyre and Ice radio show https://facebook.com/TheFyreAndIceShow


Fyre and Ice are on Neue Regel Radio http://neueregelradio.com/

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