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The long awaited follow-up to "MELD"
"A Blueprint for Chaos" is now available!
Download a PDF of the lyrics here.

1) Information Overload (10:22)
2) Always Somewhere Else (6:10)
3) Love In Our Hands (10:40)
4) Forever Changed (3:44)
5) Built For Speed (4:52)
(for Eliza Dushku)
6) The Deepest Sea (8:33)
7) Two Eyes Open (4:26)
8) The Life In A Year (18:49)

Check out an excerpt fromthe new record.

To order MELD or A Blueprint For Chaos by mailsend a check or money order and include $3.00 ($5.00 overseas) shipping & handling per disc to:PinnacleP.O. Box 632Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA18064-0632
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
MELD, A Man's Reach...,and A Blueprint For Chaos are available at CDBaby:

1. Timberline (eisenhart)(mp3) (wma)
2. Unsung Hero (jones) (mp3) (wma)
3. Fairytales End (eisenhart) (mp3) (wma)
4. Lifeboat (eisenhart)
5. The Loch Ness Monster (eisenhart)
6. Bonus Track (anderson-barre)

Here is an extended sample.
Available at Cd Baby only

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